Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bear Story One: How The Bears Got Hide N Biking!!!... PART-I

Semester II has ended. All the Grizzlies happy and gay. (Hey! Mind your stray thoughts!)

After all, HOLIDAYS! What better!

I notice phases after a few days of the commencement of hols. Find it right below:

First day of hols: An accomplished smile! (It’s almost like the one that Darsheel sports in Taare Zameen Par after writing his class test! :P)

Pride and attitude, and lots of plans and events parading in the Bears’ minds.

Each Bear has his own dream plan, own chain of thoughts, sort of engrossed. So, no further discussion about this since this can be of no actual contribution to the bear story.

Day 2-5: Holidays now seem forever.

Bear activity ceases to exist. None of the Bears liking it. Though no one’s complaining. Since its holiday time and sleep’s on everyone’s mind.

Each Grizzly is singing: Wake Me Up When September Ends… Zzz…

Day 6-8: Dancing at our places. Head no tail about what each bear is up to…!

Sleep’s become more like OVERsleep. Weight gained in the process. Bears not happy... Err…

Enough is ENOUGH!

Video conferencing over the net and Bears are off to beaches, parties, hangouts, night outs and the usual so blah blah…

The Bear Forecaster™ knew great showers of masti would be around.

What he also saw was monotony…

But Linkin’ Park blasting One Step Closer couldn’t really get us a step closer in realizing the hard days of monotony ahead… So much for the poor Forecaster! :P

Day 9: Days seem monotonous now.

Wake up at noon, enjoy, parties, freak out, booze and what not. But the farewell at the end of the day would mean only in the real world.

Online chat sessions would prevail. BTalk™ (Okay, not some cheap duplicate of GTalk, just an arbit abbreviation of Bear Talk! Duh!)

Bear Talk would initiate at around 11 and would continue till Eternity. (Eternity definition moded to the wee hours of morning! ;) )

Discussion would be just about anything. From Euro 2008 to Politics to the latest bot design on the Bears’ mind.

We did need a break. Something had to break the Bears from the evil of monotony. It was getting on our nerves… Grr… (In true Grizzly style! Yeah!)

Telepathy prevails! Ahem!

Bear Hug Up called in. A Hug-Up™ (Well, a Hug-Up is a Bears’ meet up!) is definitely more exciting than some kinda booze party.

Day 10: I have a last look at myself in the mirror before I set zooming in the city.

Chilly’s place is the official Den™ for all the Hug-Ups. Honking at Chilly’s place, I discover that the Bears are already there.

Being the last one to enter, it’s my turn to make & serve lemonade to all. The Bears want it to be extra tangy. I add it with my sighs too.

The ‘Den’ as we call it is a small store room containing some weird stuff the Grizzlies have made, collected and destroyed! :

Filthy collages, commodes for seats, marble tiles for plates, weird curtainised fans, some self made gadgets and gizmos… (After all, I mentioned we are part-time engineers too! ;) )

The monotony of parties had gotten over all of us. Specially me.

Sounding as fresh and as innocent as ever, after all of us settle down on our commodes, I start.

Me: “Hey guys, ssup? It’s great to be back at the Den! We should call it a night then!”

Criggs: “Oooo… With you here, definitely honey, any day… oops! Any night!”

Me: (A raised eyebrow, though not so raised! :P) “Uhh… Huh? Hitting on me Criggs?” (As if I wasn’t liking it! :P) “Again?”

Criggs: (With a twinkle in the eye) “Allow me my Senorita!”

Yogi: (In a tone as if the dormant volcano has erupted!) “Cut the crap guys! We don’t really have a Romeo+Juliet in the making!? Do we?”

Criggs: “If that was an answerable question, we certainly do!”

Booboo: “Get the knife someone! CUT THE CRAP!”


Criggs: (Already on his knees facing me) “I’d go under the knife for you my Seno…”

Chilly: “Aargh… Get that Casanova outa here!”

(Turning to Criggs) “Don’t you know it’s just Grizzly presence out here?!”

Criggs: “Sorry guys! I really thought it was my…”

ALL OF US: “Shut up Criggs!”

Criggs: “Okie okie, chill guys, am moving back. Just chill okay?”

Booboo: “Duh! Okie, what next bears? I am broke with ideas. High on monotony though…”

Criggs: “Wanna party guys?”

Me: “I’ve heard this like… everyday!”

Yogi: “Beach out?”

Booboo: “That’s like over-exploitation of our ‘Goan”ness! I believe the beaches have seen enough of us! Give me a break guys…”

Chilly: “Guys, do we have an option? This afternoon’s getting lazy as ever.”

Me: “And so are we!”

“Duh, guys maybe a long bike ride would do!”

Chilly: “Jiggy, that’s an idea but doesn’t fit in today. We need to freak out a bit!”

Booboo: “Guys, lets be kids again. High time we realize we WERE kids!”

Me: “Guys, I wanna bike today. I am in no mood for play.”

Criggs: “Not even with me Senorita?” (With a real twinkle yet again!)

Yogi: (Ignoring the crap) “Ahem! Come on guys, it’s either we go biking or we play some game.”

Booboo: (With an exciting touch, like an EUREKA! moment) “Guys, how about BOTH?”


Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Welcome to The Bear Villa™!

Yeah, Welcome!

Bear Villa, a very significant place in the port town of Vasco. (At least we make it seem so!)

Very lively, very happening, very striking and so very very…

… Invisible, kind of non-existent and imaginary! Howz that?

Okay, I am not making this up. You’ll probably understand a lot more of this as we move ahead.

Spread over an area of about 10 sq. km, Bear Villa is huge and prominent… (Hey! Surprised? Read ahead…)

Okay, let me explain, the entire arena where we set foot together (The Bear Family™) automatically qualifies as the “Bear Villa”! Yeah, egoistic right?

Oh come on, you don’t expect Grizzlies to be thick skinned for nothing!

Oh! Laughing are you? Yeah yeah, we operate undercover. So, lesser people knowing about us would be definitely better!

Well, you can relate it to something like this.

You know, we have microwave radiations, radio signals etc. everywhere. But, dude, can we see them? And yeah, how many people ARE actually aware of these?

Smiling are you? Now you get the point… Don’t you?

So, let me go ahead and introduce you to the Bear Family™…

Me: Okay, just referring me by myself… (Isn’t that obvious? ... Hmm... Dumb! :P)

My fellow grizzlies call me Jiggy™ and among the type of bears, I seem to resemble the ‘Spectacled Bear’.

The only female among the Grizzlies.

Scientific name: Tremauctos Ornatus. (Go Google this out, only suggestion! ;) )

Criggs™: The most handsome bear among the Grizzles. (Oooo… Okay, me stop drooling!... Though many a times, it’s the other way round! :P )

Jiggy has a small crush over him and so does Criggs on her!

Assigned since birth as the Polar Bear. (Yeah, he’s fair, fair as ever!)

The biggest mystery: Can the Polar bear wear specs? J ;) :P

Yogi™: The official leader of the Grizzlies. Saves many a times the gang from heading to splits villa. (Duh, not the MTV soap you moron! :P)

Famous for his wise cracks.

Born with the name the Alaskan Brown Bear (The BIGGEST of them all! Ahem!)

Chilly™: Well, this one depends on how you would perceive him to be officiated.

I term him AMBIGUOUS!

Chilly- Could mean chilled out or even as hot as a chilly! And believe me guys, he’s both!

And we assign him to be The Giant Panda for his ambiguity. (Black and White:: Cool and Hot!)

Booboo™: Last, but not the least, is the smallest of the Bear Family, Booboo! ... Okay, we don’t boo over him, we BOOBOO over him!

This grizzly has cracks, wise and foolish in bursts. Something I’d relate to a pulsating laser, highly incoherent though! : P

Into existence as the Sun bear. (You definitely need to Google this; he is THE SMALLEST of the bear family!)

Guys, presenting to you THE BEAR FAMILY™!

Oh and yeah, did I mention that we are part time engineering studs…!!!